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About us

Who is Tridero?

Tridero Tech is revolutionizing the additive manufacturing (3d printing) market and CNC market on a global scale by creating a platform which connects suppliers, manufacturers and buyers in the industry. Today it is very hard to find a good manufacturer in 3d printing industry, especially when having some special demands regarding materials, industry, design, production capabilities, etc. And on the other side, it is very hard for manufacturers, especially the small companies, to enter the market, find a good customer and to find reliable supplier. Tridero Tech are providing a solution for all sides – connecting the supply chain between the parties in the market, consulting services about the additive manufacturing market, exchange market for the services and equipment

Our mission

Our mission is to implement the mass adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the industrial world as a means for a true on-demand manufacturing. That means you can get the parts you need, when you need, customized to your needs, with the help of a global supplier network.

Online platform

Our online platform allows you to cooperate with a comprehensive network of partners, suppliers and customers helping you streamline and digitalize your production processes.

First is to help 3D printing companies to expand their business by helping them to find new customers for their products 

Second one is helping the customers to find the right and reliable producing company for their specific needs. 

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+385 919 835 662


+385 919 835 662